Facebook scammers how to identify them

facebook scammers

When a scammer accesses your friend’s account. They then use the account to promote their scam products or hack other accounts. By tagging 99 persons in a single post. This results in more accounts being at risk and potentially hacked.

There are ways scammers hack accounts by using your personal phone numbers. Identifying them is possible by checking login attempts on facebook. It give you an idea where the person is trying to access your account.


There are a number of features to enable you to safeguard your account from scammers. One is the Facebook two-factor authentication method. This allows your account to be safe from others accessing your account from a different device. This also protects your account from outsiders who may have figured out your password.

Keep your account private including your date of birth, location, and age. It is also important to hide your friends list from the public and if possible turn off access from strangers by enabling friend requests from friends of friends. Enabling Friend of Friends will allow only friends of your friends can send you a friend request on Facebook.

Do not click on links that appear weird. Also if you did want to click on those links do so by copying them and opening in a new incognito window on a different browser.

Avoid scammers on Facebook. Always safeguard your account and also do use Facebook to make an income rather than click random links.


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