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In this blog post i will highlight how you can make money with fiverr.

What is FIVERR ?

According to Wikipedia Fiverr is an Israeli online marketplace for freelance services. Fiverr serves to allow listing and applying for small one-off jobs, or gigs, online. Jobs listed on the platform are diverse and range from “get a well-designed business card” to “help with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and jQuery”. 

This allows Freelancers to post their Gigs online to make money with fiverr. One amazing thing about fiverr its really easy to get started and you work practically on your own terms.

As you publish Gigs and promote same across Social Media you start getting orders from clients to complete tasks. This allows you to create a workable agreement before work commences. Fiverr allows anyone to create a Gig/Service so whether you have a skill, or experience in a specific field. This platform is ideally for you.

In my previous blog post i made mention of the best way to Build a successful Email List , As a freelancer on fiverr having an email list allows you to connect with clients through email marketing.

The process involves listing your GIG on fiverr then promoting your Gig via Email Marketing. This is one the best way of getting new clients as a fiverr freelancer. Also posting to forums like quora and Reddit as another great way to get clients to buy into you Gigs/Services online.


In this blog I always highlight wealthy affiliate offers, Fiverr have an affiliate program that is second to none. Besides working on Fiverr as a freelancer, You can take part in the affiliate program and promote Gigs that are already active on fiverr.

How much money can you make with fiverr affiliate

Fiverr affiliate program offers affiliates categories in which they can promote to earn a commission. According to the commission plan. Fiverr allows you to promote various categories. Fiverr Hybrid, Fiverr CPA, Fiverr workspace , Fiverr Business , Fiverr Learn and the Unified Plan.

Fiverr CPA

Affiliates promoting fiverr cpa can earn up to $150 USD per sale of a pro plan Gig. Here are some other categories under Fiverr Cpa and how much money you can earn.

Pro Plan $150.00

Proofreading & Editing $30.00

Business Plans $30.00

Illustration $25.00

Voice Over $25.00

E-Commerce Marketing $25.00

Logo Maker $30.00

3D Models & Product Design $50.00

Architecture & Interior Design $40.00

E-Commerce Development $50.00

Game Development $40.00

Lyric & Music Videos $40.00

Website Builders & CMS $40.00

Web Programming $40.00

Website Design $40.00

Mobile Apps $50.00

SEO $30.00

WordPress $30.00

Research & Summaries


Business Tips $30.00

Financial Consulting $30.00

T-Shirts & Merchandise $30.00

Producers & Composers $30.00

Video Marketing $25.00

Articles & Blog Posts $25.00

snippet of my affiliate dashboard

Promoting Fiverr Cpa is very simple. As you visit the Fiverr Site you can log in. After which you look for a Gig you want to promote. Copy the url of the Gig and paste it into your Fiverr Default and Deeplinks query box. Doing so will convert the link into your affiliate link and anyone that purchases through that link you will make a sale. This method of affiliate marketing is called Drop Servicing.

How do you promote fiverr affiliate links to make money

Promoting Fiverr affiliate links is super easy, I usually try organic traffic through sites like Pinterest, Twitter and Reddit. One of the best ways as well is heading over to quora and answering questions. By searching for questions persons may have in looking for a task to be done. You can comment on those questions and insert your affiliate link. Be mindful with quora you try to limit the amount of time you do this, But you can always create multiple quora accounts to comment and promote your links.

I had made a previous blog post on how to promote affiliate links with email marketing you can try this method as well.

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