In this blog post, I will highlight HOW MUCH MONEY CAN YOU MAKE WITH PRINT ON DEMAND. Before I get into the details let’s first look at what exactly is print on Demand. As you go through the article I will use (POD) in reference to print on demand.


Print on Demand (POD) is the process where Books, Tshirt Designs, and Letters are not printed until an order is made. This allows the company to have inventory per order and avoid the excessive stock.

According to google trends, Print on demand has been trending over time but recently received a dropped in interest. Many Entrepreneurs wonder if “Print on demand is dead” One thing to note about the print-on-demand business is that it will remain relative as people are consistently in need of new clothing.

How much you can make in print on demand depends on the amount of money you charge for your product. With print on demand the companies, handle the printing, shipping, and customer service so your task is mainly to design and promote.

Print on Demand


Print on Demand is still profitable and lots of affiliates and influencers still make money from sites like these. Below I Will highlight the best print on demand sites for 2022

  • Printful ~The most flexible service
  • Printify~The widest selection of products
  • Sellfy~The easiest-to-use platform
  • Print Aura~Best for small orders
  • SPOD~The fastest fulfillment service
  • Teespring~Best for selling via YouTube and TikTok
  • Gooten~Best customer loyalty program
  • Redbubble~Best for unique designs
  • Apliiq~Best for high-quality products
  • T-Pop~Best for selling to environmentally conscious customers


  • You do not need to print anything in bulk. By printing as needed, emphasis is placed on the “required” section – the printer will only print the product once it has been ordered.
  • You do not need to buy equipment. The POD partner takes care of the technical side of the printing process – you do not need to buy any expensive printing equipment, nor do you need to learn to print the product either.

  • You can save time on the technical side of running a business. As a POD partner who takes care of all the technical aspects of your business, which includes filling out and delivering your orders, you can focus more on the entertainment side. Spend more time creating your designs and marketing your store!

  • You can check out the designs easily. POD also lets you take a lot of risk with the designs you offer – you can easily add new designs to your store and check if your customers like them or not. Since products are printed when they are most needed, they do not make a huge investment in something that may not be sold in the end. If the design is not as popular as you would like, you can easily remove it from your store.

  • You can try different products. You can experiment not only with designs but also with products. The required additional printing resources grow beyond just the ‘print’ width. Printing when needed is no longer just about selling explicit tags — you can now create lines for your various niche audience assets.

  • It is easy to customize your designs. You can offer many customization options for your customers – for example, your customers may include something unique, such as their name. The required printing services respond to the ever-increasing demand for personalization in the shopping experience.

  • It’s easy to set up your own product. The most common printing feature on demanded apps is that they have a white label. This means that you can customize your products and packaging with your brand so that when your customers receive their orders, there will be no indication that they are from a third-party service.

  • Take advantage of services and resources. Working with POD partnership service. Your success as a salesperson is also a success for them. Your required print partner can help you not only with the technical side of fulfilling your orders, but can also be an important resource for helping you start or grow your business.

In my previous blog post, I had highlighted the amazon affiliate program and their merch program, The amazon merch program is a print-on-demand service.



The print-on-demand process is very simple. You create your design, and the company will print it for you, they will also publish your designs live on the website. Everyone that buys from the site will make money. No start-up cost to yourself.


  • You lose control of the fulfillmet process and the product quality. As with any drop-shipping service, Print on demand means you do not see each product yourself. You or your customer may find something wrong. It could be a manufacturer’s error, a filler error, or it may be damaged during shipment.

  • You rely on your printing partner for products and their availability. POD companies work with different suppliers to find products or product items, for example, fabric. This means that there are a lot of moving parts, and sometimes the products may be out of stock.

  • Completing the order takes a long time. Since every product is printed where needed, it takes longer to complete orders than it would if you already had available stock. As a store owner, you have to manage your customers’ expectations – let them know that each product is printed on demand and this takes longer than shipping the product already made.

  • Managing returns may require additional attention. As you work with a third-party service, there is much to consider when it comes to dealing with situations where your customers may want to return the product. So make sure you set a return policy that is in line with the POD Partner Policy.


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