Minion Product Reviews Affiliate Programs List lion affiliate program Scam or not?

List lion affiliate program Scam or not?

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List lion affiliate program Scam or not?

In this Blogpost, I will highlight details about the List lion affiliate program and what it is about. In my previous blog post on this site, I highlight the best affiliate programs new affiliates can venture into, in order to make an income online. This Review of the list lion program will also be written from my experience thus far.

According to Wikipedia: A scam or confidence trick is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence.

What is the List Lion Affiliate Program?

The list lion affiliate program founded by Randy Maher is a beginner-friendly affiliate offer created to help new affiliates or experienced affiliate marketers to promote an onboarding three-day course for 50% Commission.

List Lion Interface

The program also allows affiliates to earn recurring commissions (upsells) from existing customers who purchase the three-day course.

Below is a preview of my affiliate Dashboard in the list lion program.

List lion affiliate dashboard
List lion affiliate dashboard

The List Lion Program has three Memberships.

  1. The three-day fast track challenge membership
  2. Monthly Membership
  3. VIP Membership


In the three-day fast track challenge affiliates are offered the following;

Day 1 – My simple but powerful 3 step system to make daily commissions online!

Day 2 – Watch me build a business in front of you step-by-step & click-by-click in just 30 minutes!

Day 3 – How to get thousands of eyeballs on your offers every day on AUTOPILOT (and without paid ads)

Bonus – 6 Figure Affiliate Funnel Get my complete done-for-you business! Copy my exact system for FREE in a matter of minutes!

Bonus – Get Your First 100 Leads – that’s right once we set up your business we will put your first 100 leads inside your auto-responder account.

Bonus – Get the secret emails that have generated Randy 6 figures. Simply plug and play with these proven PREWRITTEN Emails.

2 thoughts on “List lion affiliate program Scam or not?”

  1. They are scammers.

    They keep saying they will send me a refund but they don’t!! Becareful, they make up excuses all the time. Don’t trust them, Don’t trust Randy Maher!

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