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Facebook scammers how to identify them

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facebook scammers

Facebook scammers have many ways in which they manipulate you to either have access to your account or lure you to get what they want by clicking on suspicious links without your realizing it. In this blog post, I will highlight how you can identify Facebook scammers and avoid falling prey.

Every Facebook Scammer that exists has a goal or a target. They either try to get into your account or they try to extort money from you. The way they do these things is by following your account and observing your account for a short time.

Characteristics of a Facebook scammer.

A Facebook scammer has little to no information about themselves online with their Facebook accounts. It’s usually an account with no profile picture or maybe a picture of a female/male they found online. They usually send requests and from the looks, they usually have no mutual friends in common. This alone should trigger a warning that that person is not to be trusted.

Facebook Scammers also message first always. They either message you with an offer or they message you with a shady message, An example of these messages can be “Is this you in this video? followed by a link” Phishing links are links created that duplicates the Facebook website and allows scammers to store your information in the process of you clicking on them.

facebook scammers
Example of a hacking message in your inbox

Over time Facebook scammers have learned that using the same trick will not work so they changed motives and continue to use the same methods but in different ways. Scammers are now impersonating your Facebook accounts. Adding your friends and then having more access to scam others. They would message your friends using the same links. Changing up the wording. An example of this is “I saw you in this video” followed by a link.

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